Friday, March 6, 2009


So i was really enjoying being able to come after school. Lay back and relax. And then track had to start. But I've now realized how much fun it is. It's just a more fun (funner?) atmosphere. Everyone's so happy and smiley and chill. It's terrific! I do the sprinting workouts, then I go and do High Jump, long, and shot. Oddly enough, my sophomore coach is the high jump coach.... although she's never high jumped. She did do pole vault though so I guess she kind of knows what she's doing. She's fun to have around though. Except once, when I was High jumping, I went and jumped and fell off the other side. Every one was cracking up. She said "That was stupid" and left it at that. She is unfathomable.... But other than that I've got nothing to do... except catch up on math homework. I used to like it, but then it got hard so... not so much fun anymore. that's all for now!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Our Last Game

Yesterday we finished off our season against American Fork with a one point lead. It was the most intense game I've ever played in. This is how it went down...
We were down by four with about 30 seconds left on the clock. AF was throwing the ball in under our basket. I was gaurding the girl who was throwing it in so I was jumping up and down, going crazy. She went to throw it over my head, but i tipped it and went up for a shot. I missed, but I got fouled. Now we've got about 20 seconds left. Thanks to my dad for telling me to get a new free throw routine I made both my free throws. AF went to throw the ball in again and Brookie T. (our 3 point shooter) fouled her. Luckily we still had a couple of fouls left until AF was in bonus so they took it out on the side line. We now have seven seconds left, and we're down by two. I was on ball, freakin out again, and she lobbed it up and Haileigh (a post) tipped it then chased after and got the ball. She passed it in to Jen (also a post with phenomenal skill) who went up for a shot, and as the buzzer rang, made a shot and was fouled. Now we're tied with no time left on the clock, and Jen has one shot to win the game. It was so intense seeing her go up to the free throw line. She went through her routine.... took a deep breath, and took the shot. SWISH!!! The crowd (on our side anyway) went insane, we all ran onto the floor and tackled Jen. So we finished off our season with an 11-9 record. SWEET!